Sheila Haynes


My Bio

Sheila’s skills, competencies and passion for accounting has developed through her employment in a number of businesses, ranging from  property development, a prestige car dealership company  and then with a mid-tier public practise accounting firm leading to her position in 2011 with Eclipse Financial Solutions.

Sheila’s unique contribution to Tilenni Stiles & Associates is her understanding and  learnings from her direct experience in working ‘in businesses’, 13 years as an in-house corporate accountant, that other accountants may only have a superficial understanding of. These insights enable Sheila to engage with SME clients fully aware of their day-to-day achievements and challenges.

Sheila has and continues to adapt to change through on-going professional and personal development. She understands the need for accounting firms to evolve and deliver services that meet the current and future needs of a diverse client-base.

Sheila is an avid reader, enjoys travelling (cruises) and is a proud mother and grandmother.

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